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IDMANN Academy is committed to providing affordable, quality tutorial support for as many students as possible. We often provide a limited bursary (scholarship) for students in most of our programs based on available financial resources. The goal of the bursary is to assist students in a particular demographic or grouping that may legitimately benefit from the program but may face financial challenges in covering the full cost of tuition.


Application, Registration, Tuition & Financial Aid:

  • The cost of registering and participating in IDMANN HAC is shown below.


Application Fee:  $100
Program Tuition Fee (3 tracks combined): $300/student/month
Special Programs (additional): $250/student/module/month
  • Recognizing the challenges facing many families at this time, IDMANN Academy has made available a number of partial scholarship awards to support students and families from various regions registering in this program.  This is intended to reduce the financial burden on families, especially those that might have multiple children seeking to attend the camp. 
  • The IDMANN Challenge Scholarship is available to the first five (5) eligible applicants from each region indicated below, per year. Preference is given to families registering multiple children at the same time. These scholarship awards are limited and are disbursed on a "first-to-apply first-to-receive" basis. Families are encouraged to apply early. No special forms are needed to apply for the scholarship beyond the indication in the general application form.




 US & Canada

 Mexico, Latin American & Caribbean Western Europe Middle East & North Africa Sub-Saharan Africa Eastern Europe, Asia & Oceania
Tuition Fees




Value of IDMANN Challenge Scholarship Award (%) For first five (5) applicants from the indicated region per year  30% 40% 30% 40% 50% 40%
Fees After Bursary Award    $210/month $180/month $210/month $180/month $150/month $180/month
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