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The objective of the  International Language Program (ILP) is to bridge the linguistic - and cultural - gap developed by under-representation of many (primarily non-European) languages in most educational programs. The focus of ILP is on African, Nilotic and Asian languages. 

These languages are often important to students because of their heritage, culture, or professional aspirations. They are often not covered in schools and yet are of immense importance to families and individuals whose heritage includes those languages.

The aim of ILP is not only to support students to become proficient speakers but to become grounded in the cultural elements that underpin the language. In many instances, young children (and even adults) live in countries that make it difficult for them to achieve proficiency in their vernacular or the vernacular of their parents.

ILP seeks to close that gap by bringing language instruction to residents in Diaspora as well as business and professional students. ILP uses the online platform as a convenient means of delivery.

ILP provides trained, seasoned instructors to teach students languages with the aim of developing proper writing and speaking skills. In addition to learning a language, ILP also provides a safe, convenient platform for students to interact with other students who have a shared heritage (or interest therein). This social interaction helps to cement the cultural elements of the ILP training.